Too-Streesed to Move / Can't Breathe - Re: [Hive13] Re: Hive13 Cleanup Day!

Hello Hivers (and Ollie),

So I guess the pandemic has had everyone pretty stressed out as evidenced by the recent attempt on my life. Got me thinking about this whole shared experience and how it has affected all of us. What are the implications? How do we move forward?


I would very much like to come down today and help out on the cleaning, but frankly: Between COVID, Climate-Crisis/Mass-Extinction, Nuclear Re-Proliferation, rising and rampant class and race inequality, lack of sustainable income, poor/unaffordable living environments, 40+ years of stagnant wages, the raid on the congressional offices in Jan, 4/40 years of looking at that ugly orange tyrant, and my lifetime of railing against the ‘Tyranny of Linnear Thinking’ in a world run on the hoarding and siloing of outdated information, my blood pressure is a little too high right now to make the trek. Plus, I start my new (highly physical) job on Monday, so frankly I need to rest up. It is Saturday, after all.

The Real Issue:

Between the ‘Replicability Crisis’, our emerging understanding of ‘Chaotic’ (complex) Systems, the OBVIOUS limits to our natural environment, etc., the entire edifice of the Western, Rationalist/Reductionist lens is being called into question by a (metaphorical) Mother Goddess (Earth) that is seriously considering chewing us all up and/or spitting us all out for our arrogant excess… Like: Tommorow. And by ‘us’ I mean humans, and by ‘humans’, I mean ALL of us.

Look forward to Water Wars and Mad Maxx like conditions becoming a thing over the next few years. This place no longer feels like an optimistic Arthur C. Clark novel, and is more closely beggining to resemble Snow Crash. I sincerely doubt that any of us can afford a ticket to Jeff Bezos’ version of Elysium, or whatever Neuromancer BS libertarian tech enclave they’re constructing this week.

Bottom Line: (The Royal) We can really can no longer stand being around priveledged middle/upper-middle-class “white” people, or the attendant culture of unconscious superiority/inferiority complexes that come with an ontology of hierarchy, commercialization, and “vertical integration”. Open Source EVERYTHING. Banish the proprietary. It no longer serves humans. Jarrod Lanier agrees (link below).

It just feels like a lot of toxic shame/blame. Me first, and the gimme-gimmes. “No, I’m not, you are.”; “Nuh-Uh!”; “I’m rubber, you’re glue.”; “We’re #1!”, etc, etc, ad-nauseum.

In this economy, competition is now antithetical to innovation. Period. Play basketball if you want to compete. I never had siblings, so I just don’t have competition in me.

I’ve been metaphorically shouting all of this from the a priori soapbox for 40+ years, but apparently, cognitive compartmentalization and cultural biases trump critical thinking and/or ACTUALLY empirical/unbiased attempts toward truth. I thought I wanted a hackerspace, but apparently, I really just wanted a philosopher’s guild.

Diogenes poops on you.:poop:

Though I live on only $800/Month-Disability due to my chronicly constitutional lack of agency and/or issues with Dischronometria, and though I have extremely limited access to employment, I will continue to support Hive13 monetarily. However, I will no longer be attending. I’ll come back when y’all are ready to do (and more importantly: FUND) something authentically cool. Something truly collective. Like say, building a massive Open Source Geoscope in Washington Park (see: attachment), or Stirling Generators for poor people who can’t even afford their Duke Energy Bills. Free Housing for people who don’t have cushy tech jobs at P&G / General Whatever. Otherwise, Hive13 is just another Marvel Movie: A complete waste of time. (Or worse: Denis Villeneuve :nauseated_face:).



What if Hive13 was totaly energy independant, with a full-fledged helical wind array and solar panels on the roof? In-house DIT ‘Power Walls’ and a robust PMS. It’s the 21st Century. We must put our decadence and decay behind us, so that a new day may dawn. :sunrise_over_mountains:

Until then, Good Luck to everyone. I sincerely hope that you have provisions and that your families are all safe and sound.:blue_heart:

I’m gonna go try and sell some NFTs to get out of this crumby impoverished life that I lead in this (ostensible) ‘Land of Opportunity’. Lemme know when my Antichrist / Hobbesian-Overlord post is prepared :drum: and in the meantime: Have some free art (attached).


PS: There’s no such thing as ‘Normal’. Peak Oil is so last week. Get accustomed to diminishing returns. If this ‘offends’ anyone, you know where to put it.

ALSO: Durring the Cold War, the USSR had massive public bomb-shelters for every man, woman and child in the country. They actually could have “won” (however pyrrhicly). But hey, thanks for those cellphones, DARPA. Pretty sure those siloed cans o’ Zuckabet Soup owe us all a fat ‘Data Check’. And we wonder why we’re near the bottom of the global educational rankings. Why fund schools or scientific research, when you can buy (another) yacht? We can’t even seem to get drinking water to Detroit or keep power on in Texas! :joy: Yay, Private Sector!

Truly, we are the laughing stock of the planet.
Speaking-of: Don’t worry, there’s comedy if you read to the end.

I mostly back everything up, but y’all can feel free to Google. I know everyone has limited mental bandwidth these days, so these should all be easily digestible:


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Devin Feild (for laughs!) :performing_arts:

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Adulting :clown_face: