Tonight's Meeting

I’ve invited two guests from Breakthrough Cincinnati, Tiffany Dolder-Holland and Allison Lester to come to the meeting tonight. Hive13 is helping them with their summer program, which will be providing more exciting project-based learning for 7th graders. We’re doing raspberry PI IOT weather & other sensor stations.

The program will happen at Breakthrough, not Hive13, and we do not need instructors. However, I will be interested in getting some volunteers to help provide “hacker training” and ongoing support for the student teaching fellows who are leading the classes. Our teachers don’t know much about tech, and so, rather than just plod along and “fake it” they’re asking for our help.

I can provide more info at the meeting, but if you’re interested in being available to help train k-12 teachers in hacking for a couple hours, or just be available to take questions and offer support as they teach this July, let me know.

We’re also working with GE aviation, schools, other businesses and nonprofits, and some other folks to support this. At the very least this project has potential to make strong connections for hive in the community.

Plus, lucky for you, I’m doing all the boring stuff. Hive13 volunteers are simply invited to share a passion for hacking and having fun.