Tonight's Meeting

If you haven’t been paying attention to the forecast, the area around hive13 is expecting 4-6" of snow between 6 and 10PM tonight. I’m thinking that we should either cancel tonight’s meeting or just have an online meeting.



I am down for an online meeting. But that is my favorite way to meet these days.

it IS Cincinnati, the weather could veer off and not hit us, or not be as severe. Depending on how my day goes I may be down there later today anyway… but I’m good with the meeting being online if that is the choice everyone else makes.

Oh! I just looked at the radar, that is a HUGE mass of ugly headed towards us… I suspect we are going to get hit with the mixed rain/snow section though.

I’m afraid I’ll miss a physical or digital meeting tonight… yay for the double-edged sword called overtime… if you do online, I might try to listen in for a while.

I’ve seen three different reputable sources claiming three different accumulation totals: 1"-3", 3"-5", and up to 7"… haha.

Ian M.

Everything I have read seems to indicate less than an inch today and the majority of it hitting tonight if that makes a diff

Sounds reasonable. Getting down there for the meeting doesn't sound like a huge problem, but the drive home seems poised to be terrible. I won't attend this evening (and thus, we'll have no pizza unless someone wants to pick one up)

I'm planning on staying home but I may join in on the online meeting. to be honest I have a lot of Cad work to do.

So…what’s the consensus? Sounds like no in-person meeting but there will be a google group conference?


Yeah. I’ll send a link out around 7:15 to the mailing list and IRC for the hangout.

Please excuse any misspellings, bad (or incorrect) grammar, or terse language, as I have fat guy fingers and my iPhone has little buttons.


Link to tonight’s meeting.


Anyone else watching the bill nye ken ham debate live?

Me! It’s pretty meh so far.

so much ken ham…mind is dying slowly…

Go Bill Nye! Collecting fossils on the way in!

i do not see a google meetup link?

did I miss?

fish sex…lol