Tonight 2/27: Fab Lab Night Plus - Grasshopper


Tonight as an experiment in blending Fab Lab Night with the "Salon"
idea we were talking about, I'll be giving a short talk about

Grasshopper is a plugin for Rhino that let's you create generative /
parametric designs. My plan is to show off the basic functionality
and then have a discussion / jam session about generative design.

My plan was to redistribute a VM with Grasshopper pre-installed, but
that has not been as easy to build as I thought it would be. So you'd
be best off if you came with Grasshopper already installed if you want
to play along. My apologies.


Is this it?

Does it require windows?

Yes, that is it. And unfortunately it does require Windows.

I have a VirtualBox VM on my laptop with Windows XP, Rhino (trial
version), Grasshopper, and all the associated libraries and junk. It
has a few few personal files mixed in, and that's why I was going to
create a new clean one from scratch. I'm willing to give a copy of
this one to people once I make a few changes to it.

So, if you bring a computer with VirtualBox, we should be able to get
you up and running.