Tomorrow's Meeting: 8/12/2014

On Tuesday 8/5/14, two hive members had a physical altercation about 11pm. No one was seriously hurt. Both members have been temporarily suspended by a majority vote of the board and their door access to the space was suspended. The board requested a statement from both parties to explain their actions and what they were prepared to do to make things right.

At the weekly meeting tomorrow, Tuesday August 12, in addition to the usual weekly meeting this extremely important and sensitive issue will be discussed. In order to streamline the meeting, we ask that you please respect any rules established by the secretary at the beginning of the meeting regarding timing, discussion and voting. Unlike other typical hive meetings, the meeting will start with a structured discussion. We also ask that you be respectful to each other and the suspended members, remembering that neither of the folks involved are going to be present to answer for themselves.

We will begin by the secretary (shadoxx) presenting information the leadership has received. Copies of statements received from those involved will be available for members to read. After all information has been presented, there will be 5 MINUTES for discussion. After this, normal business will continue. Please respect this format - if you wish to discuss the matter further, feel free to do so after the close of the official meeting.

The board and officers cannot take any further action without a Vote of the Membership with a quorum, per Hive13 bylaws. Hive members will need to vote in order to decide the permanent status of the members who have been suspended. Without a quorum of 39 members participating, the suspended members will remain in limbo indefinitely. The board recognizes that there are members who may not want to be involved but we still ask for help finding closure: their will be an option to vote on the survey without expressing an opinion on their status.

How to vote: Online voting link that will be provided at the meeting or via email.

Proposed ballot:

Issue 1: Are you voting? (yes / no) (this is the non-voter question)

Issue 2: Should Elizabeth Lee have her membership terminated? (yes / no)

Issue 3: Should Dustin Breuce have his membership terminated? (yes / no)

Since this discussion is going to occur tonight (and we didn’t advertise much at all), the second tuesday talk “introduction to homebrewing” is going to be delayed until later this year.

When/where will the link for online voting be emailed?

If you have not got a link yet to vote as an active voting capable member, email Ian Wilson for a token link.