Tomorrows Live*Make Event

Hello all,

I got the tables setup and a few things from the hive there. We have Galileo’s finger, a Makerbot (will have the new UltraBot as well), a lock picking table, as well as an area to show/sell your private warez.

We could probably use some extension cords/surge protectors just in case.

The event is Saturday from Noon - 5pm.

I’ll be there at Noon.

It would be good if people could volunteer to take shifts working our area. 2 hour shifts with overlap would work nicely.
So we would need 4 volunteers for that to work out. If we can’t get 4 we can just do one person at the booth and have 2 shifts (2.5hrs)

I can’t be there the whole time, and most importantly, i can’t be there for teardown. So if somebody with a decent size vehicle could come by at 5 to transport things back to the Hive that would be greatly appreciated.



I missed you guys at the brewery. I showed up at 5 and it was all set up already, haha. I met Brad, who said you had already come and gone.

Lindsey and I will be there at noon but have to leave around 3 to let the dogs out at home and prepare for the Reggae Run at 6. we can hang out at the booth from 12-2, that lets us wander for an hour before we leave.

Well have both of the 6-packers on display. The Moerlein logos turned out fantastic.


Awesome I can’t wait to see them! Do you plan on selling any?

Nah, not planning on it, but I guess for the right price, haha.

I can be there for the second half. Like 3-5p?


Couldn’t make it today, but I should be there all day tomorrow, and I’ll bring a van to load out everything

Thanks chris!