Toilet Draining Slow

Unsure what the issue is, but the toilet seems to be draining pretty slow. There doesn’t appear to be an obvious clog or blockage (no solid matter in the bowl) so I’m wondering if it may be ice buildup due to the recent cold spell. I attempted using the plunger but it didn’t seem to have much effect.

Has this happened before in cold weather?

not that I’m aware of… The drain should be entirely inside the building and thusly a bit protected from temperatures cold enough for ice…

It may be that there’s a partial clog just beyond the bowl in the drain… If it’s paper and/or poop, it may soften after sitting for a while and then flush away ok on a later flush. If it doesn’t, then we have a problem… Does the Hive have a plumbing snake?

If the hive doesn’t have a snake we have one we can bring in if needed.

The hive probably doesn’t have one as I’ve had to bring mine in previously. I’ve had to plunge the toilet several times in past month. Snaking should happen.

Yeah, we don’t have a snake at the hive.

Anyone know if the situation is any better now?

Also I think this may be caused by people not holding down the toilet handle long enough for a full flush. There used to be a sign to remind people of this a long time ago. Maybe we should add a new one!

Or if this isn’t the first time its happened perhaps the hive should invest in a snake…

Just an update, I came down here, and used the toilet (flushing carefully) and it backed up again, I plungered (is that a word?) it and SWwOOOOsh it went down, and flushed normally on a second test flush…

If this keeps happening there must be something going on in the drains…

Has anyone been down recently with small kids that might have flushed somethign that’s now stuck somewhere in there? (maybe it can’t go around a bend in the drain)
Is anyone aware of anything going down that drain that might not be, ‘water soluble’?