To whomever left my welding helmet out

My helmet does not belong face down on a shelf in the metal room. It will no longer be at the hive.

At one point it had a bag for storage. This is no longer in the box nor obviously in the metal room. I’d appreciate it if whomever used it last could kindly let me know where it is.

Never mind, bag found.

Dave -

This is my fault. I used your helmet briefly to supervise some last minute welding for the power tool racing. We were down there working until 5AM, and I must have set it aside and failed to clean up properly before staggering home.

No one else was using the helmet. Still, this isn’t an excuse. I apologize for the inattention to detail.

  • Ry.

I left the T61p for you with a note on it. Has mostly legit w7 on it now.