Time to start pumping SCinciHacks!

Hi All,

Right now, we have less than a dozen people signed up. I strongly believe this event could be a bit larger. Could you help me in spreading the news?

A mix of facebook posts, tweets, reddit upvotes, and emails to interested parties ought to do the trick.

The links to share: cincinnati.sciencehackday.com + tinyurl.com/SCinciHacksReg


Hi Ian,

We talked about this at the meeting last night and missed having you

I had made contact with the Cincinnati Inquirer and City Beat on a
past HIVE activity and will do the same for this ScienceHackDay.

I've also followed another somewhat related Cincinnati non-profit
called iSpace at http://ispacescience.org/. I also plan to reach-out
to them to see if any of their staff or students want to join in.

Others may have better contacts at UC and Cincinnati State to get the
word out to these or other groups. Maybe someone will send a notice
to KOIpound, Cincinnati Coworks, and such?


Is there a flyer available? I have a co-worker that goes to school at Cincinnati State and I may be able to get her to post one.


I'm working on the CityBeat notice now. What is the cost of the
event? I don't see where that is spelled out.


Event’s 100% free. A decent chunk of supplies are being donated, breakfast is being covered by a volunteer, and I’m covering dinner.

I’ll send the flyer out in a fresh thread.

Those of you who are redditors, please upvote http://www.reddit.com/r/cincinnati/comments/ko9av/sign_up_for_scincihacks_details/.


I’m curious and it may be good to know ahead of time to start sorting things out, but what supplies are being donated/have been donated so far?


I have posted about twenty fliers at cincinnati state and a few one
the streets arount UC. More posting to come.

I will print off a good number of posters soon (I have 600 free b/w prints via UC) and post some around and make some available at the space.


Awesome, I used up my 150 from Cstate, I added a QR code to the
poster, I will send you that file, I don't know how to post files to
the mailing list. If you know how to duplicate the pdf. to four pages
so that four to a page can be printed I can place them at variuos
locations so people can have a copy to-go.

I submitted listings to put the event into the Cincinnati Enquirer
Weekend section, and also CityBeat.

Anybody that sees these, let us know.


I added a QR code to the

poster, I will send you that file, I don’t know how to post files to

the mailing list.

Already sent it to me. :slight_smile:

It’s available at http://cincinnati.sciencehackday.com/2011/09/28/poster-with-qr-code/

Jim - thanks for your help!

sorry forgot the @jon in that post