Time to Renew Large Temporary Storage

Please refer to the linked list of vertical storage slots, and confirm the storage slot you are using and if you need to renew. If you are using a vertical storage slot, and your name is not on the list, please let me know which number and I will update the list on the wiki.


The response last time I asked was very light, so please provide the information as others are starting to need space.

Also, there is a lot of wood in the slots 13-15 reserved for general hive needs. If that isn’t claimed, I will assume it can be used for projects to improve the woodworking area.




I thought I stated I was clear of my slot back in October or something like that.

Anyway - I’m not using a slot.

James Hartley

I have applied for one of these spaces; it would be great to be able to store materials there instead of having to stop and pick them up before coming to the hive.

Thanks Russell.