Tim Kaiser Experimental Musician & Maker Event at HIVE 13

Tim Kaiser Experimental Musician & Maker

Friday, October 22 · 8:00pm ~ 11:00pm

Hive 13 The Cincinnati Hackerspace
2929 Spring Grove Ave
Cincinnati, OH

Come to the Hive 13 Hackerspace to see the amazing Tim Kaiser and his one of a kind experimental musical instruments. Tim Kaiser spins an acoustic web of sound that will sweep you away into a reverie.

CLICK >>> http://timkaiser.org/

Make magazine Segment >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTJYq7wU2rM

Also Appearing local circuit bender, and sound sculptor Mike Hancock.
A donation of $5 is requested to support the Hive and Tim.
There is no smoking in the hive.
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Hope to see you there,


This looks like such a fantastic event! I’m sorry I’ll be out of town and miss it. I hope y’all have a great time and a great turnout.


I'm hoping other veteran Hive members can be on hand to help out with
this event. I'll be unable to be there myself. I think NebulaGirl
can handle it on her own, but it would still be nice to have extra
people there that are familiar with the space.

Also, could someone give me a rough approximation of the attendance
afterwards? I'm keeping a spreadsheet of how many people come to our
public events. So at the end of the year we can say "In the past year
Hive13 educated or entertained N minds!"



I am planning on being there to help get stuff ready and for the event itself.

Paul, Thanks for helping out. Take some photos.


I'll be there too and will gladly get some pictures (especially if
Paul can't because he is unconscious on the floor after a breakdancing
accident), but I might need someone to come yell at me to actually
upload the pictures to Flickr since I always forget to do that.

I'm glad some of the Hive will be there. It should be a good time. I
have chips n salsa, cider and doughnut holes for snacks! I plan to get
here 6:45-7:00pm... I will video tape and take some picture, but is
someone else takes some pictures that would be super! Thanks

ps Reed Ghazala, the "father of circuit bending" may attend the event.

That’s great. Ghazala was actually just profiled in Cincinnati Magazine if anyone is interested. Awesome pictures of his instruments in the article.

I’m not back in town until tomorrow unfortunately, so I won’t be there tonight.


The event went well. There was a good turnout, and we collected $105,
Tim gave $50 to the HIVE...He "Fed the Hive" Thank you for all the
help in planning. A few artist friends were there who may be
interested in doing crafty classes some day. Some saw the paper making
class announcement and expressed interest in that if it ever happened
again. There are a few cokes in the fridge. I will have video and
pictures soon.