TIG welding

Could anyone walk me through the basics of TIG in the near future? I have basic knowledge, just zero actual experience, so I'm sure I'll struggle if there isn't someone there to put me straight when I do something wrong.

I would like to participate in a basic TIG class. I have a MIG but have never used a TIG.

John O

I don’t know if it will count as a class, but Will and Jeff have agreed to help me out before tomorrow’s meeting.

Aluminum and steels have rather different settings on a TIG, both physical in terms of tungsten selection and grind and also machine in terms of AC/DC. You may want to communicate with your instructors about what you want to get into in advance. TIG gives you a lot of control over the process that other forms of welding don’t, which means you need to be more careful setting up your environment to do work.

I just need to do some steel sheet metal work, headstock cover for the roland. 16g mild steel, so could probably MIG it, but I figured it was a reasonable excuse to try TIG.

I’ll get there early just to see it work. I understand it won’t be a certification class.