Tig Welder Formal Proposal Update

I’d like to propose we officially approve the $2000 budget for a tig welder. That way, once approved, if we find a smashing deal on one used or new, we can buy it. We have been putting the vote off for awhile. I’m not sure there is any real reason to delay putting off the vote or buying a machine at this point. I’m tired of waiting, personally.


I vote Yes

I vote yes, however getting a unit with a warranty is a must i feel. The lincoln tig 200 and similar thermal arc / everlast units we can get local and warranty service local would be great. My AHP is finnaly out and made some really decent stacks however… any parts needed requires the unit shipped out. So its a great value… just sucks if something goes wonky.

I am with Kevin on a warranty based item.

I vote yes

I think the intention here is to

  1. commit to moving forward
  2. without dragging it out on lists and in meetings needlessly

I am going to suggest, Tiffany, that you restructure this vote to assign the eventual selection and purchase of the machine to a group of members most interested in seeing this through. For instance:

a) The membership would vote on approval of maximum amount, and that it is for a Tig Welder

b) The weld-nerds (Tiffany, Kevin, and other volunteers) must take on the research and acquisition and agree on the final amount, model, purchase, and other details before buying. Agreement can be conveyed to leadership, and funds released.

This idea is not meant to be more complicated, just common sense simple. I have no idea how to buy a Tig Welder, but I’ll support you. As a member, though, I’d rather vote to delegate further decisions like models, warranties, etc to the experts like you and Kevin and any other folks who want to take the reigns.

Common sense should prevail, and the membership uninterested in Tig minutiae can be spared “splitting the hairs”


I vote yes, and also yes on any future version of this vote.

one of the welder’s kevin and I were oohing over is this one:

which is above budget but a crazy sweet machine!

Tiffany, this is exactly why I say to add “Kevin, Tiffany, and […] will agree on model, retailer, and cost not to exceed $xxx”. Maybe you guys will find a great deal on something pie-in-the-sky. Also, with 2 or 3 heads better than one, it’s more likely that everyone would catch and avoid the fine print, which, as Daniel brings up, is important.

I’m just tired of looking at Tig Welders on this thread. However, it’s a complex decision. I think we can’t lose if you and Kevin (and maybe someone I’m forgetting, sorry) both agree to the model. It will be awesome.

I am explicitly not suggesting a “committee” – I just think 2-4 hivers kicking the tires before buying makes sense. All 70+ members having to kick tires every time there’s a sale, well, that’s not working…


I’ll yes it if I know we have at least 2 or more good tire-kickers on this.

The miller dynasty tigs are great machines :). A welding cart can be easily built for it to keep it off the ground.

Just as a side note when going with a machine like the dynasty and other higher dollar tigs they do not come with a foot pedal or anything but the main power cord and cable adapters. Those items add up quick… The hobby /starter units come with cheap variants of the needed items however are a little cheaper grade. If licoln, miller, or even air gas will work with our non profit stuff and discount a package it would be great. Any of the inverter based ac dc tigs that have arc frequency, pulse, cleaning ratio, and of courss hf start from a name brand with 175 amps or greater we will be good to go.

I vote yes, with the expectation that Tiffany and Kevin will evaluate the options.

I vote yes - but suggest upping the value to $2500 to include money for a cart, tanks, cables, etc that may be needed. This would also allow for a 2200 ZOMG AMAZING LUDICROUS deal on a machine as well. I would also expect that Tiff and Kevin at a minimum were the brain trust in charge of selection for the unit.

Too late, Clay. We approved $160 for whatever they find at a harbor freight parking lot sale.

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I vote yes - but suggest upping the value to $2500 to include money for a cart, tanks, cables, etc that may be needed. This would also allow for a 2200 ZOMG AMAZING LUDICROUS deal on a machine as well. I would also expect that Tiff and Kevin at a minimum were the brain trust in charge of selection for the unit.

:slight_smile: i got a stud welder for pulling dents on sheet metal and stayed under the 160 :wink: i put a tungsten in a set of jumper cables and clamped it on… still string to put a toe tied string to the trigger for a pedal like effect lol.

I have been tied up with the pups and getting things and damage repaired at the house. Lol my washing macines drive motor and tub seal all blew apart and did some flooding.

As far as units im going to see what the best they can do for our non profit discount on a unit in stock at air gas or other local shops. Especially if the have a new demo, display unit, or scratch and dent that comes with full warranty.

The units that would be ideal i feel for the hives use and materials likely to be used is going to be the licoln tig200, miller syncrowave or praying for a dynasty in the right price as the torch and pedal is sold seperate. The tig200 and syncrowave ac dc units come in a high end for hobby grade starter kits with the main unit, torch/cable assembly, pedal, regulator, and a few cups.

Pretty much it will be a good name brand, identical features, and warranty. If we are able to step up the grade of the welder like with the miller if they can do a dynasty for a couple hundred more than the syncrowave i will definitely consult with people first. If we are able to jump from a hobby to entry level professional/commercial duty the difference is huge. The power supplies, boards, cooling ability etc is far superior. Even though it would be a little more high end than what its basic use would be, we would see the value in durability and lifespan a lot.

Life has been crazy hectic for katie and i and it seems we are being tested by something lol. After rebuilding my central ac unit at the house early in the summer the heat took out my dads lol and we have both had insanity with appliances breaking that happened about the same time. I am still finishing up welding work for the ice rink however the puppies are finnaly done with shots and they are crazy high strung and aleady 40 something pounds lol. Barriers i thought were going to last have failed and im going to have to contemplate installing moats lol. They are not hive ready by any means eitther other thsn jusdt stopping by now so luckily ill be able to start heading back down again. I have missed the hive very much!

Love the jumper cable arc welder.