TIG Welder Certified Users

Do we currently have ANYONE certified to use the TIG welder? The wiki lists no one, however, I think Ryan and Kevin S. are certified.

Do we have any other member with significant TIG experience? If so, can you please offer to teach a few others so we can actually get Hive13 members able to use the machine? I’m happy to help teach once I have been taught how myself.

If we have no one (or those who have experience are unable to get in to teach), I am going to see if I can get one of the welders at work to help me out with the basics so I can start learning and hopefully teaching people at Hive13.


Kevin M.

I was blessed by Ryan to use it about a year ago when I was trying to tig copper. But my knowledge is not high enough that I would want to teach someone. I know enough to not blow up the machine and hold an arc, but I think a higher standard for a teacher is ideal.

I’ve used a TIG extensively but I never bothered to get certified at hive13 because I have one at the shop.

I can show people how to use it and what not to do, as I have experience with both (especially the latter). Time is pretty tight between now and election, but I could do something.

  • Malcolm