TIG for hive

I bought the hive a cheap shitty harbor freight tig. It needs a power cord but the price was right. If it ends up getting enough use I’ll buy the space a miller.



Thats awesome!! :slight_smile:

That’s great! Thanks Dave B!
I’m wondering if the officers/membership could recommend where in the hive to weld, either using this fancy new TIG or with the MIG already there. Dirty room seems like a good idea but it doesn’t have a 240 V outlet (that I know of).


The new TIG is about as fancy as a vine st. hooker except made in China. :slight_smile:

As for where - there is an area over by the mill / woodshop area that Jon has setup with some splatter shields and an old table saw top as an improvised welding table. For small stuff, it works fine. Be mindful of what’s around you and use common sense.

-Dave B.

Jon has already started setting up the area next to the woodworking space as our “metal shop.”


Wooo!! Can it do micro welds?