Tiffany wins Bockfest Homebrew Competition!

Huge congrats to Hive13 member Tiffany Bell-Horwath for winning the 2014 Moerlein Special Release Bock Award at the Bockfest Homebrew Competition on Saturday!!!

Next year, Christian Moerlein will be brewing a commercial version of her beer as the 2014 release of Schoenling Bock.

She’s the first female to win the award and it was also the first time she’d submitted a beer at Bockfest.

Here’s a cellphone pic I took of Tiffany and Michael right after she found out (and got her medal).

Inline image 1

Tiffany said she’d be willing to bring a growler of the award-winning beer to the meeting tomorrow night, and Lindsey and I will bring a growler of (not award winning) cream ale. We thought it’d be a great idea for any other Hive13 homebrewers to bring some of yours to share as well.

See you tomorrow!

Ian M.

Holy crap! That is amazing! We should do a blog post as well. Congratz Tiffany! I look forward to sampling this beer tomorrow :slight_smile:

Congrats! I look forward to trying it!

Wow, much congrats!

Thank you everyone! I feel very lucky to have won and am looking forward to brewing it with Christian morlein next year!

I knew Hive13 had some good brewers - but this is amazing!

I don’t think it was luck, congrats!

Fantastic! Congrats!

Wait, I have to wait another year for my own keg? Boo

What?? No way! That is fantastic!!! We will have to have a celebration at the hive when it gets on the market!

Very cool! Way to go Tiffany!


Congrats!!! That’s awesome!

Congratulations and thank you for letting us try some of your beer!