Thoughts on the Treasurer Position

Hello all,

On the off chance that anyone has mistaken me for someone worth
listening to, I wanted to provide my thoughts regarding our one
contested officer position. Jim Dallam has been our Treasurer for (I
think) six years now. Obviously that amount of time in the position has
given him a thorough understanding of our finances which has proved
invaluable on any number of occasions. However, I believe Jim brings
more to the role than simply fulfilling the requirements of the office.
His ability to maintain a cool head and provide a calm, measured
perspective has been a valuable moderating force whenever a difficult
decision has been put before leadership. Even when we disagreed on an
issue (as did happen a few times) I always felt that his reasoning
seemed carefully thought-out and, well, reasonable. I personally value
his judgment, both financial and otherwise, in running this
organization. If it wasn't already obvious, I will be voting for him to
maintain his position as Treasurer this year, and indeed for as many
years as he is still willing to do so (or longer, if I can find some
suitably compromising photographs).

Ian B.
CTO (for approximately two more days)