Thoughts on controller?

I saw this and am curious what you guys think.

Thanks for the info!

I would like to know more about the software.
Is it proprietary? How often is it updated? Can the interface be modified to match Mach3 (for less user confusion).

And then there’s the problem that we’d have to rewire the CNC router to match this device.

What do others think?


Wait. Why do we want to rewire our CNC when it’s working well now? I’m confused

Looks like the benefits are you can remove a computer and have more inputs and outputs. Pulse rate seems limited but not sure if it’s a big deal.

If you want to make Mach3 look and feel easier try a new screen set.

I’m not sure that we do, actually.

P.S. “you guys” is last century speak for “my colleagues, regardless of gender”. Sorry about that.

I’m not suggesting changes to the router… was just curious in general on said controller. I would like one day to automate the down feed on a shaper… (think 32 inch gould and everhart) but I am thinking that I will pull it from the garage and a bit of storage/shelving, and add the 0-16A and a bradford 14 inch lathe instead. Yick… manual stuff :slight_smile: I guess for me, I am less interested in the guts of the hardware/software aspects of a conversion, and would buy off shelf for that, and the price and capabilities of the commercial stuff is improving every day.

There are lots of cnc machines for sale surplus that have bad controllers… if the machine is okay in terms of wear, but just dirty with a bad controller, then hey… for a couple grand you could come out way ahead hobby wise.