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Hey everyone!

I have noticed that there are a number of people who come down to the Hive to sew things.

Thus far, we have one modern sewing machine that is functional, and one older one that needs a bit of work. We have an iron and I bought a mini-ironing board for our sewing collection. Besides a bit of thread and some pins this is all we have!

Something that would be amazingly useful is a re-sizable dress form. (For those of you who are unfamiliar, a dress form is basically a soft mannequin body, neck to knees or hips, that can be used for making garments, and sizing/fitting them correctly. Most are just stuffed and a singe size, but re-sizable ones can be expanded or contracted to various sizes for different body types.) Used ones can be found on ebay or craigs list, and most of them have a wide range of sizes and measurements they can be positioned into so that many people at the hive could put it to use. Used, they shouldn’t be terribly expensive, we would just have to wait around and find a good deal on the correct size. Getting a good quality one would ensure that they are stable, true to size and will last a lifetime. I think this is something that would really be beneficial, and a great addition to our sewing/creative side. For those interested we can all donate some to the end cost and that way it will be relatively cheap for each person who would use it. This is something we can discuss at the upcoming meeting, but I wanted to get a gauge on interest and thoughts on this. :slight_smile:

Elly, I will probably be taking my older sewing machine back home to service it. It was on the floor the last time I saw it (it is not currently), and those older machines are very dust-sensitive.

My wife, Lindsey, and I would definitely be interested in both classes! She has a number of sewing projects she’s been wanting to pursue, and I always like learning new skills.

I would be interested in both!

I have a sewing machine I can loan to the class, to have more on hand.

I have my sewing machine down there as well, but I guess I’m sort of a hack sewer…

I did not know that the brown machine (kenmore?) was not a hive machine, I had assumed that at some point I’d check it over and see what it’s condition was - (the action felt good when I moved the wheel) And as for dust sensitivity? I have to clean mine out more because they are more open than the newer machines, but they take a lot of use.

BTW does anyone know what is up with that really old rusted one that showed up on the tables last week? It has no note or identification on it… It has a lot of surface rust on it but It can probably be recovered with a lot of work. I don’t think it has a lot of collectable value in it’s current condition

I can probably offer a machine to the class as well if needed… but it’s not electronic with fancy stitches. or anything (just straight, zigzag and reverse and maybe drop in cogs for decorative zigzag-depending on which one)

The really old machine that showed up was an orphan left in the basement of my rental house. If it can be rehabbed, great. If it should be disposed of, fine. I have no attachment to it.

I would be very interested in the classes! I have a machine I could bring with me to use during class.

Glad to see that there are people interested in the classes! I will
give them some serious thought and update when I have some lesson
plans :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I bought an adjustable dress form for myself that I am
lending to the Hive for probably the next year or so. It will arrive
on Friday!!! Anyone can use it, just be respectful as usual. There
are 12 dials so it is extra adjustable all over the body.

Here are the possible dimensions:
-Bust: 33" - 39"
-Waist: 25" - 31.5"
-Hips: 34" - 40"


I might have a few older machines I can donate. One is a working Kenmore from the 1950’s. It has straight stitch and zig zag capabilities. It could use a more intense cleaning. The other is a 1950’s Kenmore that is a reissue of a 1920’s rotary. It needs some work. The bottom mechanics need to be cleaned, and the motor assembly replaced. I purchased a new motor with the intention of fixing it, but never got around to it. Both have knee pedals that are meant to be used with cabinets.