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I just came across your group online and think that this is great. I am a DIY kind of guy with a technical background. I dont have much formal education in electronics, but am always tinkering. I just graduated with a degree in engineering technology, love to kick it with cool people and throw ideas around. Whats the deal with your group, do you encourage people to come on in and see what it is about. I wouldnt mind coming to a meeting and seeing what kind of energy you guys are working with. Let me know whats up.


Martin Summe

Hi Martin,

We are a group of hobbyist, makers, hackers and DIY ppl. We have a nice group of different types of people. We have a public meeting every Tuesday at 7pm. This Tuesday it will be at the Taza Coffee shop. But after that we will be meeting in our new place!

Being a member gives you full access to the space and the equipment etc. Classes will probably be open to the public with donations or a small fee (members would be excempt of course) We have also been discussing having a set time on the weekends where it would be open to the public to hang out in the space but that’s not confirmed yet.

If you could make it to a Tues meeting I think you can get a pretty good feel for the group and all the great energy and talent available.

We are in the process of moving our wiki to another site but you can check out this link for now. The main page will be updated as the status of the wiki move changes (


This sounds really cool. I'm in Mason so I'll try and come but it's a
bit out of the way.

I'm starting at UC as a freshman this Autumn for computer science so
I'd definitely show up to check it out then. Is this hackerspace open
to all ages (well more my age)?


we are open to everyone who can sign a release form :slight_smile:

i am not sure about age limits and whatnot, we are figuring this out as we go, and so far the age question hasn’t come up.