This is why you should wear gloves while welding

Even when you are in a hurry, gloves are a good idea. My wedding band caught a sparkly direct hit. Ground the sparkly off with the bench grinder. Didn’t realize how much damage was done till today until I tried to do dishes. Don’t be dumb like me. Be careful, kids.

tl;dr: wear gloves when welding, even when you are in a hurry.


Yowch! That isn’t gonna feel good for a couple of weeks.

I had an accident with a router and one of my fingers a few months ago at the hive. Trimmed off a big chunk of my finger just because I was in a hurry. That’s always what gets you!

I’m wondering if we should start a ‘9 fingers’ ‘merit/NOT’ badge… Membership is pretty easy, but joining the 8 fingers club requires twice the work…

The ultimate club being the ‘Lucky Lefties’ club…