Things that scan other things.

Last week, I recall that interest was expressed in a scanner for
helping to maintain both digital & hard copies of Hive13 paperwork.
Yesterday, I mentioned to Dave that I had intended to bring a scanner,
and his eyes brightened when he asked if it was a barcode scanner.
No, it's a Canon CanoScan N1220U, but it is a nice flatbed USB scanner
with complete SANE drivers.

I do, however, have a working CueCat. Interested?

Did someone say CueCat project?? I have a box of ~50 CueCats.

Holy, how the heck did you get so many of them?

Awesooooooome I found a website . Of course
they hacked it first. Speaking of scanning, what about ereader!!!

BSing w/ this guy @ RadioShack out near Philly, before I knew it I was was walking out with a box of CueCats. Funny thing is that I couldn’t bring them back on the plane and had to ship them to myself back in Cincy. Never done anything with them. There still in the box I used to ship them.

Uhhh, can I have 1!

I do have a flatbed scanner at home that has been serving me well for
scanning the paperwork. I think there are a number of scanners that
have been donated in the space already too. So, I don't think it will
be necessary to deprive you of your scanner. Thanks for the offer

As for the CueCat - I don't have a project in mind for it off the top
of my head, but I'm sure we could come up with something. If Karl has
50, then we'll just have to think of a project that uses 50 barcode
scanners at the same time. :slight_smile:


If only hanging them from the ceiling and lighting 'em all up. CueCat chandelier anyone?


How about the Mousebot's evil twin, Cuebot! *Erie noise*

I recall seeing at least three flatbed scanners already at the site...