Things at the hive that are up for grabs

Hey everyone.

In an effort to clean out the space a bit of things we don’t need and are taking up room I am putting these things up for grabs. Hive members have priority and I ask that if you take an item that you return some value to the hive (cash or some /useful/ item or service that you think is a fair value).

If no one calls anything I will put it on craigslist/wherever and if that doesn’t work then I will try to dispose of them in the best way I can.

RL800 robotic lawnmower. Needs to batteries (lead acid, 12V each).
RL500 robotic lawnmower. Also needs batteries and it doesn’t have blades.
There is one yard perimeter thing that you use with either mower, but only one!
aiwa cx-na555 stereo w/ two speakers.

Similar to how this was done before, I will leave these up for grabs for the next week on here and then after that move them to craigslist.



I don’t know what the value of them are, but I’d take both of them. :slight_smile:


1GHz analog HP scope? :slight_smile: haha

If you are going to be at the meeting tomorrow we can work out a deal!

I’m back in town… and will be in quite a bit over the next few days. I’ll also be here for the next meeting.


I removed the lawn mowers this weekend. :slight_smile: