Thick Plexi Scraps


I wasn't sure who to contact so I thought I'd throw it out in the
open. Does anyone know who owns the thicker (1/2" or so) pieces of
plexi that are on the table in the Fab Lab? I had wanted to attempt
something with the laser that would require the thicker stock but
didn't want to just go and use someone else's project stock.

Player Two

I believe Tye donated them. Afaik they are up for grabs.

Also, I believe most of that is actually Lexan, so no good in the laser cutter.

Why wouldn't Lexan work? It is a plastic.

Alexander is a polycarbonite and it puts off hydrochloric acid fumes. That being said I dripped off a sheet of 5/8 to 1/2 in acrylic it is available for anyone’s use. It has a blue layer of plastic coating rather that the lexan labeling. Have fun!

Certain plastics produce toxic and// or corrosive fumes, lexan produces hydrochloric gas.

Addendum to this thread. Ordered some of the "pro" acrylic adhesive
for projects along with a set of polypropylene syringes for
application. It's in the dirty room on the hazmat shelf. Pls feel
free to help yourself but do be careful, it's methyl chloride.

Player Two

And because I did not know what methyl chloride was:

With special attention to: