Thermal paste and small heatsinks

I won a decent sized lot of tubs of silver thermal paste, 5 tubs at 10oz a piece. I was going to bring some down for general hive use and did not know where in the area it would best be kept?

I am in need of small short heat sinks around 1 in square to 1x2 in. and did not know if anyone kept a scrap collection of them or had old graphics cards or other components I could canabslize them from. I am working on some way overdue rc and electronic projects that could benedit from this. Even if you have a large heat sink less than an inch tall I have no problem dremeling it to size :slight_smile:

You can put the heatsink goo in the fridge (the one in the electronics area, not the one in the kitchen; I will cut you).

We have larger heatsinks in the bins o’ crap by the electronics and hacksaws.

Sounds good, I will just label it hive and anyone feel free to use it. I will check them out.

I have a few simple stick on ones from my gaming rig days. Let me know if you want me to bring a few in on Saturday when I give the class.


What time are the classes saturday?

Mill 10-12
Lathe 1-3

ill try to stop by for some of the lathe class to check it out if you do not mind. We have an appointment with the dog earlier in the day I believe at 12. thank you sir

I was just informed by my wife we have had family for tomorrow lol so I likely won’t be able to make it down