Thereminesque capacitive resonators and oscilloscope help

I decided I wanted to make a spooky sensor for a Hive table display, but being as new at electronics as I am I’m having trouble A: Finding a circuit simple enough to assemble and/or B: Finding any properly specced parts without ordering out. RS and Microcenter seem to have only low power parts, outputting about 1/2 to 1/3 of either the voltage or amperage (though, usually at least one of those two is on spec…) of the parts I’ve seen in designs I looked at, and I don’t know enough to work around that.

The one I wanted to try first is this, since it makes use of an IC to reduce clutter, and is also yet another product placement for Arduino:

Radio Shack doesn’t have any 74HC00’s. They do have 74LS00’s, but those use and output a lower amperage than the HC’s. I also don’t know if that matters in this case, but I’m guessing it does since it’s going into a feedback loop. I figured I would try them anyway, and nothing happened. I haven’t yet had time to double check everything is properly continuous, nor to try alternate parts (mostly on the resistors) to see if that helps. Also, I bodged the inductor because no place around sells tiny inductors, so that might make it not work too. It’s a bit of wire wrapped around the head of a nail of some sort of steel.

Also, I would greatly appreciate help learning how to use an oscilloscope since these things tend to make use of various oscillator circuits.

Use the low power to power a relay that makes a connection for higher voltages possibly are you looking for 12v 24v 110v? Other lol

I hope it’s not getting up to 110v! The circuit on that page is shown being plugged directly into the 5v pin on the Arduino, as well as the two Gnd pins next to the Vcc in pin, so 5v should be all it gets.

I guess failing anything else I can just add an order for the 74HC00N and some inductors on that upcoming Mouser order.

I have hundreds of DIP 74HC00 and a lot of other logic gates. Let me know what you need and I can just leave them at the hive for you.

Oh, that would be much appreciated! I only need like 2 of the DIP 74HC00 for now, I think. Hopefully shouldn’t need more than that for now. Hopefully. I’ll be down tomorrow at the meeting, though I can also pop down later in the week if necessary.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to make it to the hive. I’m still at work. ugh.

Do you or anyone also have some extra 16 pin DIP holders? Don’t need any of this super immediately, only as soon as is sane.

Tons. 12, 14,16,18,20,24,28,32,40

Just need 16s for now. About 6 I think.