The Wiki Is Down


DreamHost just moved my account to a different host. This means that is temporarily down.

I believe a simple DNS fix will bring it back, but I just wanted to
let you know that I know it's down and I'll be working on it.

To access the site you can use
until I get the other domain back to working.

(This is probably the poke I needed to move the wiki onto our
dedicated host. I'll get to work on that after I get the site back
up. )

(Craig, I think I'm going to need to get you to change a DNS record
unless I'm mistaken.)



I *think* the problem may just be a DNS propagation issue. Also, I
need to be asleep right now.

So, I'll check back in on it in the morning.

Sorry for the hassle. I'll get it fixed asap.


Dns makes sense. I’ll get to it shortly.


Just verified that it was a DNS propagation issue on their end. Our entries look like this:


I don’t know that there is an immediate need to move the wiki but if you want to I can help. I also
want to make the co-lo machine our primary for DNS and my machine the secondary (unlike our
current setup where there is just a primary on my server) It’s no load for my server and not a big
deal but would help if anybody ever wanted to make dns changes w/o me.


Oh and I forgot to add, the wiki is up for me. So it may already be resolved in most places now.


Everything appears to be back to normal now.


Dns makes sense. I’ll get to it shortly.


If you all don't mind a public DNS running the routing, you can use
what I have for years for free. does free dns. Check it
out. Can't hurt.