The sky is falling

Good news, everyone!

Repairs to the hive roof are underway.

Bad news, everyone!

The old roof has been entirely torn back to the point where daylight and many things of greater mass are pouring into the hive. Greg has been by the space and reports that nothing has been damaged, but the wood shop is covered in black roof fragments.

I’m buried with work (rather than roofing detritus) this week, but will try to make time to push a shopvac around this weekend.

If anyone else is so inclined, certainly don’t feel obligated to await my arrival. :smiley:

  • Ry

I am headed over this evening, I’ll at least do a pass through with the broom and/or shop vac if no one else has yet.

For the curious, the entire wood shop was covered in similar density to the lid of this box.

  • Ry


Thanks for everyone’s help.

I’ll probably stop by tomorrow afternoon to se if there is anything I can help with.


It’s just a waiting game at this point. Tools are moved, and member storage is covered as best we could manage. Hopefully they’ll be done soonish, and we can reconvene the brute squad to assemble the shop.

  • Ry


a bit of warning from them or GS would have been nice