The RFID-Enabled Vending Machine lives!

I am proud to announce that the Hive13 RFID enabled vending machine now is functional and on the network!

I’m currently working on getting either a paypal or stripe integration set up so that you can use your existing paypal account or credit card to purchase cold, carbonated goodness, but in the interm, if you bring me a 12 or 24 pack of one of the following sodas:

→ Dr. Pepper
→ Mountain Dew
→ Lemonade
→ Sprite
→ Coka-Cola
→ Diet Coke
→ Diet Mountain Dew
→ Diet Doctor Pepper

and then I will credit you those 12 or 24 sodas in exchange so that you can test out the system.

Until that happens, I’ve credited everyone who has an RFID badge a soda, so that you can test out the system.



That’s awesome! I any wait to try it. You rock

Although I not there, how can I get a RFID card when I come back, I have no problem paying a contribution towards the card

Marvin, are you a full member? If you are we can get you a card.


I think I started as a elite member but since I doing another MBA course I would fall under the student rate which would give me the full membership . But I am no pro I could be very wrong


That’s awesome! I any wait to try it. You rock

Ian and I made a quick demonstration for youtube goodness:

love the video! well done Ian! :slight_smile: think i’ll bring the stuff necessary to add the tower to the kegerator on tuesday - if you are around maybe we can figure out where to put the flow sensors, etc, in the set up.

It was the best diet dew I ever had!