The return of Saturday Cleanup (next one is Mar. 25th)

It hasn’t happened in months. We’re having one on March 25th. Future ones will be the Saturday after the monthly board meeting (don’t worry, I’ll announce them).

One thing we’re going to try is have a to-do list in addition to the usual agenda of de-cluttering and general cleaning. I think Elly volunteered to make the list for this upcoming one.

Fronk stopped me today. He asked if we could help with the cleanup of thecommon area (stairwell). i think this would be a great thing to add to the saturday cleanup and told him id mention it on the mailing list.

Do we want to grill out for the cleanup? My grill is still down at the hive.

Just a reminder, this is tomorrow at noon.

Could we put it on the Google calendar?

Wildly successful cleaning session! We got everything on the list done and more. It’s so clean in here; if the Hive could shine… Get excited to have the meeting in the clean annex! (We can tell what colour the floor is intended to be after it was: Push swept, shop vac’d, mopped once, mopped twice and then mopped a third time, wahoo!)

Thanks to everyone who came out: Dustin, Greg, Nancy, Ian B, Brad, Jim D, and myself!

We put in a collective total of 22 hours of work.

Great stuff today,


President | Hive13


Awesome job by everyone!

I think it is time to retire the current mop head. It may try and claim asylum when we throw it out. :flushed:

I put two replacements on the warden spreadsheet.

The place looks much less zombie apocalypse hideout like.

I would like to go through some of the larger stuff and remove if not needed (like the vanity in the bathroom that isn’t connected, or that cart in the hallway with the motors on it).

For those that were at the Saturday clean up, Josh from upstairs called me freaking out that the internet was not working and when he went downstairs to reset the router he said all of his stuff is missing. I'm trying to figure out what's up and how to getting taken care of as is printers and things for work are all Network control. Any information ASAP would be great as he is pretty upset. I can give him a call as soon as I get an update.