The Party Is This Saturday - July 24th

Hey all,

Let's get talking about what we want to do at the party. First, we
have a lot of straightening up to do. Also, we should probably get
laser graffiti back up and running. I think we agreed we should get a
keg and sell cups? Does anyone want to volunteer to be in charge of
the keg?

The silent auction: we have three nice slingbox units that we can
probably get some good $ for. Does anyone have anything else that
might be nice to auction off? Now that we have our 501c3 status, your
donations count as tax write-offs.

I'd like to make another blog post in the next couple days with more
details about the party for the general public. I've been telling
people that 7:00pm is the time when we'll be open to the public. Does
that sound about right or should people come earlier?

Are there any other activities we should plan for, like an organized
contest or competition of some kind?