the new filament in town

Apparently there is a new company making PLA and ABS filament based here in Cincinnati. They have the exciting name “Additive Manufacturing Solutions.”

Anybody heard of them (or tried their product?)

Also, they are selling for a reduced price on Craigslist:


Interesting. I’ll make contact to see if the want to share their story in an upcoming Hive 2nd Tuesday opportunity.


I know these guys already. He bought a bunch of inexpensive filament from China. The guy that donated the Gigabot (Brad) started a new company called Gekotek here in Cincy and if I remember correctly, this guy was one of his investors I believe. A while back he stopped by our shop and mentioned that he bought a bunch of filament very inexpensive. When we tried it out it wouldn’t work. I don’t remember the issue we had, but it appeared to be a mixture of PLA and something else… where the something else caused a lot of issues.

I don’t know if it’s the same material or if they fixed their formulation, but if it is the same we don’t want to use it.

As a side note, I’ve ordered a couple of the Gekotek board to test on… hopefully we will be able to upgrade the Polar 3D printer to use them at some point. (We’ve tested some of their previous prototype boards in the past.)


Thanks Bill!
Yeah it does look like they have some relation to Gekotek, they are providing discount filament to the Gekotek kickstarter backers.

I wonder if the filament they are selling now is the same batch of “inexpensive filament from china.” The craigslist page claims they worked with a polymer scientist from UC to optimize their blend.

Think I’ll try contacting them to find out more.