The MAME cabinet slated for trash...

There is a MAME cabinet at the hackerspace that has been unclaimed for over a year now and has had a trash label on it for the past 3 months. I was lurking on the LVL1 mailing list and noticed one of their members was looking for a MAME cabinet to work on and offered them the one at the hackerspace and they are rather enthusiastic about the prospect.

It was only after I offered it that I realized I did not discuss it with anyone in the group first. Currently at the hackerspace we have the group’s large MAME cabinet that is in progress, the raffled off MAME cabinet that is also in progress, the cabinet claimed by Chris Anderson, and then two extra cabinets. One is another one of the large cabinets and the other one is another of the “small” cabinets. Is there anyone that objects to us giving the small cabinet to the member @ the LVL1 hackerspace? He is willing to come on up over a weekend to tour the hackerspace and pick up the cabinet in his truck.

As far as I’m concerned he can have the large extra one as well. It’s non-functioning but the wood, etc. maybe useful to them.


Agreed. They've been sitting in our space for over a year without
being claimed/finished.


fyi I'm checking w/ the other Lexington hackerspace folks too to see if anyone here interested, in case Louisville doesn't want 'em all. I have a small bartop MAME cabinet that got some interest there...

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