The HIVE now has a Singer sewing machine

The HIVE now has a Singer sewing machine. My mom (who does sew) got
it for our daughters around five years ago, but the daughters are now
off to college and beyond and the sewing machine is just gathering
dust in a closet.

I'm consigning it to the HIVE and hope it can get some use.

Besides the basic machine, there is a bag with some accessories (like
the foot pedal power switch) and an owners manual. It is setup on a
table in the room with the makerbot.

Anyone (or any group) is welcome to use it in "YOYO-mode." That means
pretty much that "You're On Your Own." I'm not a lot of help as I've
never learned to use it myself. But learning is what the HIVE is all


This is great, Jim. I actually have a Singer machine I was planning to
bring in myself as well as a few other accessories like a large mat
and rolling fabric cutting tool.

My sister is actually a rather accomplished seamstress and has
expressed a willingness to teach sewing 101/102 classes. She has
several machines she could provide for the training class as well.

The goal would be to have a simple project that you can complete
during the course of the class. The current winning idea is sew your
own canvas grocery bag :slight_smile:


Recommendation for a 103 class: a heavy duty leather apron, you know,
for those really messy building projects.

Although this would depend heavily on having a machine that could work

If anyone needs help while I am there I’m not terrible at sewing. I’ve done my fair share at least, haha. Not so sure if a normal singer machine could handle very thick leather though! That would be pretty intense!


Hearing the idea of canvas grocery bags gives me the idea for another
event and/or product idea: Producing canvas grocery bags that are
printed with something (e.g. a logo). It could be done as a
screenprint or a cyanotype - former is vastly more efficient for a big
identical run and is capable of colors that aren't blue, and the
latter can get a bit better resolution (as it's direct contact-
exposure) and is much easier to set up for a single print.

It's a potentially good opportunity to have people out there waving
our logo (and perhaps other sponsors' logos) around in public.

i would like learn the whole gamut of sewing, from the basics through
alterations and sewing from patterns. if youask me, the more classes
we offer, the better.

I would be happy if I could just fix the holes in my pocket. I’m sure that doesn’t require a sewing machine, I’m just retarded :slight_smile: