The Great Book Purge of 2015!

Andrew, Greg and I have just undertaken a project that has been needed for some time: The Purging of the Library (Dun Dun Duuunnnnnnnnn!!). We have removed at least half of the hives library and placed it in purgatory. I have attached a picture (for amusement) and a list (for reference). Because the board meeting was yesterday there will be approximately a two month period in which they can be claimed. If you own one of these books you can come claim it, if they are not owned they are up for grabs. If you want a book you MUST take it with you. These books are leaving the Hive, full stop. Please do not put them back somewhere in the space. If you have a reasonable argument for why a book should stay, please post it here for discussion first.

  • I Blais

purgdbooks.csv (187 KB)


So what kind of books did you keep?

Looking at the list, there seemed to be a few that would be useful in a reference library at a maker space, though having not seen them, I don’t know if perhaps they just aren’t very good.

I’m thinking of things like the carpentry books. The programming manuals make sense to get rid of, because of how quickly they are outdated and the availability of online resources.

The more I think about it, the more impressed I am with the level of detail in that spreadsheet. Good job! Were you scanning in barcodes to fill it out?

I figured that about 10 carpentry books were sufficient. Same with C/C++ programming books. When I have more time to organize our collection further, they’ll be culled further.

Yeah, I used a barcode scanner and entered isbns by hand for some of the older books. And as Greg mentioned there where quite alot of duplicates and redundancies. We briefly considered making an armchair out of all the c++ books.

  • I Blais

Hey Ian I got some books we may want to add to the library I think their on c++ we can use them right? :-p

And my voice to text app apparently sucks for they’re their there.