The FDM2000 is on ebay.

Jon kinda helped.


Super job, both of you! I took photos of the HP plotter if we want to do that next.


One of my friends used to work for a design company. He’s going to ask a few people. Local interest in the FDM2000 is going to be all but non-existent I expect. I think we can get rid of the plotter locally and should give it a go first. If my friend’s connections fall through, craigslist. There are a couple of similar ones for sale locally on CL - Jon and I looked last night.

We’ll see how it goes. There is no hurry except to clear the space. It is as interesting to see us work out an easy-to-implement process that could be replicated and ongoing into the future if-and-as we get more such equipment to move and convert into $$ and other things.


Well, it’s already up to $102.50 so that’s a good sign! If anything there are people out there who want the material alone for more money than that so they can continue to use their printers. Looking good though!

$810!!! WOW

Almost $1700 w/ 5 days left…