The Designjet 5500 has landed.

The printer you asked me to pick up is here. We should probably write the company that donated it a thankyou letter as well as the donation receipt. Supremely generous of them.
We have the printer, stand, software, tons of paper, tons of ink.

I wouldn’t have been able to easily fit it in a truck with a 6’ bed. Flipping huge piece of equipment. I’ll leave it up to someone else to figure out where to put it.


We should write them a thank you letter. This printer is awesome! I will work on figuring out where to put it.


I’m glad you were able to get it! Alex (probably the guy you picked it up from) had reached out to the hive on G+, but hadn’t heard anything. We’re friends, so he called me. I think they were excited to have it go where it might get a second life! Thank you Dave for volunteering your truck, muscles, and time to get it there!

This will be a super addition to the HIVE's capabilities. Thank you
one-and-all for the efforts to identify, acquire, and bring it in!