The Art of Free Cooperation

Hey everyone. I’m going to this screening tomorrow night. I thought others might be interested also. It’s at 6pm, so I might miss the business meeting, but I’ll come after.

I know the guy that is putting this on and he offered to show it again at the Hive if we are interested.


"Mark your calendar for Tuesday, November 15, for the screening of feature length film collage “The Art of Free Cooperation” starting at 6PM at the Northside Branch Library. The film, a collage old scifi movies, is narrated by Tony Conrad (Theatre of Eternal Music, Outside the Dream Syndicate, collaborations with Charlegmagne Palestine & many others…). It illustrates the principles of free cooperation: “buisness has a mad crush on collaboration - witness the billions spent on social networking sites, or all the hype around ‘collaboration studies’. But beneath all the flirtation, buisness needs to remain the boss. As long as the process of collaboration is controlled and monetized, the relationship will always be one of forced cooperation. This film argues for Free Cooperation -an alternative way of doing things together, from parenting and the workplace to event organization and cultural production.”

Check it out! Meet the others and share with your collective! Starts 6PM Tuesday Nov 15 @ the Northside Library 4219 Hamilton Ave."