The Arcade

The Arcade Machine is up and running! If you want to use it, this is how.

Plug in the TV, and the Pi.
Turn on the TV with the remote that is in sitting in the shelf that is painted white on the top part of the arcade cabinet with the fluorescent light in it ( you have to have the remote under the buttons or behind the cabinet for it to get a signal to the TV).
Select an Emulator. (Arcade or Nintendo 64)
Select a game.
Play the game.
The top left white button is the “select” or “start” button. the rest of the buttons should be configured with the left four buttons on each player being set up similar to a nintendo 64 controller turned 45 degrees counter clockwise, and the upper rightmost button being configured to “left trigger” and the lower rightmost button being configured to “right trigger”
You can also access the Pi if you are hooked up to the hive13int Wifi and add games if you want.

I know the Arcade takes up a lot of space, but a lot of you helped me with this project and i have heard people express interest in playing it. So I can leave it at the hive for a little bit so you all can play it. Unless it’s in the way and needs to go i can take it home. if so let me know!

Super cool!

Can’t wait to play it a bit this weekend.

Thanks for sharing. Might want to post it on the Wiki.


To Brad's suggestion, it is easy to post a project on the wiki. There is even a wiki project page with easy to follow directions. Visit the DIY_Project_Webpage here