Tesla Coil ??

Hey guys after noticing the coil recently donated to the hive this past week I got to poundering about actually building a small one myself I have most the parts and always wanted to but never gotten around to it.

As such I was reviewing some things and came across this


  • Solid Neon sign transformers, such as recently manufactured ones, tend to include a ground fault circuit interrupter; therefore, they won’t be able to operate the coil.

and someone had mentioned that one was using a Neon sign transformer curious if that might have been the cause for the shock the builder got ?

Ultimately I like to build some ion lifters to toy with once have a working HF HV supply made up

The NST being used definitely does not have gfci. It is many decades old. A gfci would help protect from a shock anyhow.


John just so you know the tesla coils is something that i will take home again in the future. the real purpose of dropping it off was that i would like to see it work and was hoping that some one would be interested in finishing it, or help me finish it. I am more than happy to leave it down there for a while and am in no rush to get it back any time soon.

But at some point i would like t get it back looks good sitting on the shelf in the man cave lol.

Yeah, I know it wasn’t donated (I didn’t see that Barry has said that). We are just toting it to the makerfaire since it looks really cool. Thanks for letting us use it btw!

Sorry Matt what I was told last Friday, glad to hear your ok sounds like hell of a experience and Yes it looks very kewl did a nice job on it.

No problem. Where is the maker fair going to be and what days. Sorry I’m not very up to date lol.

It is today and tomorrow from 11 until 6 at union terminal.

ok thanks i will most likely stop down sometime tomorrow and hang out for a while.

thanks again