Temporary Wood Storage Re-consolidation

Hello everyone,

Overall our new large wood storage system has been a success, however a number of spaces have been filled without my prior knowledge, house only one item, or were used originally under very temporary status.

Only Ryan, me, Jon, Coy and James have discussed longer storage needs. If you are not one of these people, I am asking that you remove your wood/items from the big storage by 7/14/2015, as there was only a temporary arrangement in place.

Please contact me if you cannot make it down within the week, and we can arrange something. After 7/14/2015, please note that your items will be absorbed into hive storage if arrangements have not been made.

If you want or need a space, you must ask me first (in person, by email, etc.) so I can assess and assign you a space that suits your needs. If you take a space without telling me, your wood is subject to be moved for authorized use of the spaces.

Thanks for helping keep everything organized,