Temporary Halt on In person events/meetings

Dearest Hive13 members,

As you’re probably aware, Covid is thriving and there has been a substantial increase in cases. At this time, we’re postponing all in person events and meetings. We’ll continue to monitor case and hospitalization trends and re-evaluate as to when we are able to hold in person events again.

This means that at this time, weekly meetings will be held virtually. The Tuesday talk for Thompson Enamels has been rescheduled with new date TBD. All certification classes that were scheduled will also be rescheduled.

As always, the space is open 24/7 to members, and this does not change that. Please continue to mask up, be vigilant in hand washing and maintain social distancing. I know with vaccinations and boosters, we’ve gotten lax on this, so please don’t be offended if someone asks you to leave some space.

You all have been fantastic about adhering to protocols so far - keep it up! Get vaccinated/boosted if you are able! Let’s continue to respect science, respect nature and respect each other. Feel free to comment on this thread with any questions or contact leadership directly

Just to acknowledge - my CNC class for Feb 26 is, as a consequence, cancelled, to be rescheduled at a later date.


Since we are now resuming in-person meetings, would you still like to do your CNC Router Class on the 26th?


Kevin M.


Thanks for the inquiry.

To proceed would require two things:

  1. I need to have someone show me how the new set-up works! - I could do this next week (after The Game!).
    How do I set up to display my laptop screen during the presentation?
    protocol for the compressor for the nail gun: do we turn it on & off for each use of the CNC machine now, or is it running on its own?
    protocol for the dust collector (see above!)
    protocol for the CNC PC
    protocol for the CNC machine
    is the VCarve software current (v 11)?
    can we still use the GWIzard software ?
    what is the status of our 1/4" end mill collection for inclusion in the price of the course?

  2. based on the results of the above, I would decide on the size of the class. It would definitely be a small one to start. Possibly only 2 people.

If you can let me know who might be available to get me re-oriented (D. Velzy?), I could go from there.

Until I can at least set up an orientation, I don’t want to give a date for resuming the course.

John2pt0 (John Sikorski)

Hi John!
Is there any way that you could pop by for tonight’s meeting?
In terms of the laptop screen - for the main meetings, we’ve been screen presenting via Google groups, which you’re absolutely welcome to do, or I believe we have a few HDMI cables you could just hook right up to your laptop.
Unfortunately, I can’t direct you in terms of protocols for the different machines, however Coy should definitely be able to help out with the CNC questions. I’m sure there are others, but Coy comes to mind immediately.

  1. The class size is absolutely up to your discretion - whatever you’re most comfortable with is what we can go with!

I’m not sure if you use Slack, but if you wanted to post in the CNC channel, or just general discussion I’m sure we could get those questions answered quicker than on here.

Thanks John! I appreciate your continued interest in doing the class!

sorry, missed the note!
Anyone available Wed or Fri between 10 & 2?

Coy is the best person to speak for the current set up. I plan on
talking with him tonight.
Depending on another unconfirmed meeting, I might be able to meet you
on Friday between 10 and 1.
My other Friday meeting is still pending confirmation.

Dave Velzy
Hive13 Board Member

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll look for the followup here this evening.

John S.

The CNC class for 26 Feb is no longer open to additional students.
Please do not “drop in.”