TechBus Progress

I met with a foundation in Seattle while I was there last week and received additional pointers on what foundations are looking for and what types of information and data points will we want to bring to the table in terms of our proposal.

One thing that many foundations will want to know is how many volunteer hours are spent at the Hive. Since we don’t have employees, our number of volunteers and how involved they are matter. If you have ever volunteered at the Hive please send me an email with around how many hours of volunteer work you have done. This can be guestimated on a monthly or yearly basis.

Looking for:

  • People who held/hold office position and hours worked
  • People who taught classes
  • People who host workshops, lockpicking, 2600, etc.
  • People who come in to help clean up the space
  • People who help out at events like book signings, etc.
  • Anything that was used to promote or improve the space

Please send me an email directly (or reply to this one) with your details.

A sketch of the layout was sent to Matthews Specialty Vehicles for a final quote on what it will cost to build the bus. We will take that along with a breakdown of equipment costs and make a final business proposal that we can present. I will be reaching out to the Greater Cincinnati Foundation shortly for guidance on where we should focus are grant seeking efforts, either the education areas or the economic development areas.

I want to get a draft of the business proposal before I go to GCF and Michael Horwath has agreed to help write that up. Once we have a business plan I’ll share it with the group in case anyone wants to try to chase down any leads or contacts they know.