Taxidermy Supplies

Someone mentioned taking an intro to taxidermy class, I don’t remember who.

Is a possum a thing that you’d want to taxaderm? If so, how fresh do you need it? On a scale of Pissed off and hissing, to attached a 220v line to the trap.

For academic purposes of course…

Opossums are actually beneficial and don’t hurt anything but they get blamed for a lot of stuff. They get blamed for digging holes but they they only use existing holes from other animals. They are almost immune to rabies and don’t spread it. They are almost immune to snake venom and eat poisonous snakes. They groom themselves and eat any ticks they find so they actually will clean ticks out of your yard.

They also eat apples off of our young espaliered apple tree and break off most of the fruiting spurs to the point where the tree may no longer be viable.

That alone would be enough reason for me to go after this one with a car battery and some jumper cables. Which come to think of it, would make for a great taxidermied lamp…

Nearly any wild animal can be argues for benefits and negatives for being in the wild… except Mosquitos and bedbugs I dont care what you say, them blood suckers can go extinct…
From what I have read: " If the eyes still rounded it’s reasonably fresh, but if the eyes have dried out a little and show wrinkling, or worse a complete indent, it’s a bit older."

Can’t blame you for being upset when one is killing your tree. Some folks just kill them because they think they spread rabies or will damage their foundation.

Opossums are lazy opportunists, and very fearful. Set up a motion activated light or sprinkler on your tree. Or get a Poodle – that worked for me (shows you it doesn’t take much to scare an opossum if a dorky miniature poodle can do it).

Or, catch it, train it, and raise it as a child.

Apparently Opossums are blabber mouths as well, because it spread the word that we have great stuff at the our house…

Because we decided to release it (everybody gets one…) I set the trap again and this time caught a trash panda…

Moral of the story, I’m gonna have access to a lot of supplies if someone wants them.

“Opossums are lazy opportunists, and very fearful.” BHAHAHAHAHAHAHA , Yea, I’ll try and remember that next time im beating one with broom as it hisses and doesnt give a snot while eating the cat food on the porch, … Trashpanda’s , yea, I didnt think I’d ever get that babyone off the side the house ! :stuck_out_tongue: or the broom when finally got it to let go the bricks it biting down on the pole for its life , lol , all the others ran off leaving it, surprised Mom or Dad didnt try take me out ! its amazing how many you can catch with out bait though out here

try contacting these folks, Jeremy is pretty cool, I think they’ll happily take