Tap and die set

Hey all!
Does anyone have a tap and die set I can borrow?

Metric or SAE?

Metric. Specifically an m12

Just saw it on here to lol , do you know what pitch m12 you need

No idea :frowning:

It says jdf 10.9 on the head. Does that help?

10.9 is the class for metric like grade 8 is for the standard bolts. If you are going to be down at the meeting I am in route I will be there in about 10 minutes if you have one of the bolts with you I can tell you if not I can try to look it up. Its most likely going to be fine threads L if it is one of your faults that goes through the subframe of the vehicle for the hitch

Do you still need this or have you found a solution?

I do still need one. Do you have one? :slight_smile:

Hi Tiffany

Yes I have a set. call me 513-608-3858 Bill In Kenwood

Tiffany -

There is a cheapie Harbor Freight metric tap and die set on the black tool shelves at Hive13. It appears that it might have what you need.

Here’s a link to the specs:

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Thanks so much. I’ll swing by and check it out this weekend. I looked but hadn’t seen one. Must have missed it.
Thanks again,

If you need to run new threads on the bolt and it is hardened then good luck with that set. It is ok if you are in a serious pinch, but you’re probably better off buying a decent individual die.

I just need to clear out the threads on a nut, so really just need the tap. :slight_smile: thanks Jon!

Unfortunately, Harbor Freight label adhesive is of even worse quality than the tools. There is a pair of sets here, one SAE, one metric. Guess which one has no label?

Both sets are on the third shelf from the floor next to the red Milwaukee hole saw case.