Talk on Human Performance Enhancement/Neurohacking?


It occurs to me that the next group meeting is fairly likely to be the last I will be able to attend for the foreseeable future.

I am wondering if there would be any interest in a talk on personal human performance enhancement and neuro hacking? This isn't focused on state of the art in the medical field, but more stuff that is in reach of hackers to use or experiment with: general background, methodology and hardware implementations for some of it.

If this isn't a great idea or interesting, no problem. I have never actually given a complete talk on this before, since the people in my working groups all know this stuff pretty solid. So the likelihood that at least parts of it would suck some is high.


If you do, I’ll bring my brain machine glasses.

I would be interested in hearing the talk.

I have a feeling he is very familiar with those glasses, since Mitch made them and is also from NB. We might even have one hanging around the space.

I’d be interested to hear as well. We can do PCB design any month.

I'd be interested to hear as well. We can do PCB design any month.

Oh, wait, I didn't realize I was stepping on something preplanned. My bad. And as anyone who has been watching me flailing pathetically for the last 8 days with trying to make the world's simplest board knows, PCB design is way useful to know how to do :slight_smile:


There were no plans. It was one of those “If no one else will do anything I guess I will…” I think your talk is a unique opportunity and if you’re willing to do it I’d love to hear it.

Ah, cool. Yeah, I would be more than happy to share what knowledge my group and I have been able to put together on this. Just didn't want to be pulling any prima donna stuff by carelessness.


Next Tuesday would be March 26 and that is an open date. Your talk
would be great. I'd like to post a cool picture and writeup on the
blog. I'll email you off-list to set that up.


I agree that this would be an awesome talk to have next week! Looking forward to it!

Crap. I just realized I’m going to be part of a panel discussion at Cintrifuse that day :frowning: