Talk at Meeting tonight?

Is tonight the night they’re going to have the talk on hackers and depression at the meeting?

Sorry, it did not come together for tonight.


umm apparently it did.

Sorry for my providing misinformation. I did not reconfirm initial plans with Chris to make the usual pre-event publicity post to the blog, so presumed it was delayed. Chris came anyway and did a good and valued presentation to the large group that was at the meeting. He has interest to start a support group going forward and we will get the word out for this.


I would be extremely interested if he has a Facebook or contact.

I am so bummed I missed it, anyone film it? Just as a thought it would be pretty bad ass to film presentations at the hive if the people give the ok. I’m sure Dustin, Lorin, and myself could throw a group together to get the ball rolling lol.

I gave the talk, but I am going to do it again on July 12th.

Awesome to hea!