Tabletop Gaming Night - 9/26/2009 at 7PM (Adriaticos, Games, and Beer!)

We've set the first Tabletop Gaming Night at the Hive for Saturday,
the 26th of September. I'd love to see all of you there with a variety
of games... I'm bringing my Settlers of Catan which is an awesome
resource management and settlement expansion type of game, along with
some old favorites like Scrabble.

I know we have a large segment of grizzled RPG campaigners among us,
I'd love to get some ideas for a campaign we could run... whether D+D,
D20 Modern, or whatever other system we can think of.

The festivities will "officially" start at 7PM, and will end whenever
we darn well feel like going home. We'll be making an Adriatico's run
for sure, and possibly a run to pick up libations along the way...
pilgrimages to Party Source are always fun.

Check out the Wiki page at
and update it if you're planning to attend - and what games you'll
bring. I'll talk to our resident DM and see if he's interested in
running any games for us and update the page if that's happening.


As much as I hate to miss board games & RP, I cannot make the 26th... :frowning:

Likewise, I will be unable to attend. I will be out of town running.

But, don’t change the date on my account - there will be other gaming nights!


Sweet mother of all that is holy I will be there.

We’ve had some response but not as much as I think I’d like to get this started. In light of this, let’s postpone this and reschedule - say for towards the middle to end of October. We can bounce around some dates to see what works best for people. Erik has offered to GM some games for us, and to teach whomever is interested some other games, so we’ll definitely have some “serious” tabletop gaming in addition to the lighter fare such as Catan.

Noone’s stopping anyone from showing up at the space with a board game that night, of course! :slight_smile: