Table Saw

I stopped in the hive today to check out progress. Everything looks great I’m really excited to see the finished space. The access works very well. Great job Dave V and anybody else who worked on it.

I have a major project coming up for our 1st grandbaby and really need to get the table saw set up and operational but unfortunately it is more than a one person job. Is anybody available to meet me to lend a hand in the next couple days. Name your time and I’ll be there.


I know it’s inconvenient, but please do not set up and use the table saw till dust collection is set up. As for coordinating getting both those set up, there are people who are eager for help, and have been working on it. Thursdays and Saturdays have been busy work days, if you post with a day and time asking for for people to show up and help get those projects moved forward, I am sure you will get lots of help.

Yeah a little inconvenient since the baby is due in just over a month but not really an issue. Since when I was there a couple hours ago the contractors and the surface planer were in use I didn’t know that the lack of a central dust collection system would be an issue. Sorry if I stepped on anybody’s toes.

I am more than willing to take lead on getting the table saw set up and providing labor on the dust extraction system. It would be nice to have somebody who was there when the table saw was dismantled but easy enough to figure out myself. I’ve never designed or installed a central dust extraction system so that seems to a bit over my head to take lead on but as I said I’m more than willing to be labor.

As a potential temporary solution to the dust problem I have a mobile dust collector with cyclone attached that I can permanently or temporarily donate to the hive. Only one piece of equipment can be hooked up and it needs to be moved from place to place but it will pick up the majority of the dust produced. If this gets the woodshop more fully functional more quickly let me know. It’ll probably take me a couple days to get it out of storage. Here’s a link to what I believe I have:

Doug, that would be great and definitely let us get the saw up and running faster!



I’ll get it as soon as i can

I have the temporary dust collector in place with cyclone dust separator and verified that it does indeed still work. After 4 years in storage it working was a concern of mine.

I’ll be in Thursday night and Saturday if needed. Hopefully we can get the tablesaw functional at that point.


Also I offered a couple sections of scaffolding for cable pulling the off stands for central dust collector ductwork as well.

Thanks Doug! I’ll be in tonight, but will be teaching welding for most of the time I am there. I can probably help get the gantry in the wood shop to lift the saw off the pallet though.

please note, the saw needs a full re-alignment, starting with aligning the cast iron top’s miter slots with the blade using and indicator, then assembling the side feed table and fence, then aligning the fence to the top/blade using an indicator.

I can help with the alignment stuff Saturday around Noon.

Of coarse after a move like that there’s probably a couple of hours to get it tuned up and adjusted.

Any idea where the hardware went to attach the fence components?

What time are you planning on getting there?

When I took it apart, only about 30% of the hardware was actually there holding it together, and what was there was miss-matched garbage. we need to use new hardware (that has a consistent drive type and size).


I’ll go down in a little while and start trying to figure that out.

If you get a full list of what we need, please post it/let me know before buying anything, I may be able to provide it. I know Brian also had looked at it, and he thought we likely had everything we need already in the hive on the screw shelves.

Great. That makes out easier.

The table saw is operational. The blade is in alignment with the miter gauge slot. The fence is now in alignment with the miter gauge slot. It was out of alignment by a very significant amount, visually out of alignment. The 90 and 45 degree blade angle ARE NOT set. If you want accurate angles use the digital angle gauge that is on top of the saw.

Table saw upgrade suggestions:

  1. The current blade is dangerously dull and has probably been subjected to enough heat/pressure to warp it. I suggest replacing with 2 specifically purposed blades.

Freud Diablo blades seem to be pretty good lower cost blades

  1. New outfeed table with miter gauge slots so it can be flush with the saw table top.

  2. New side extension table that meets saw top flush.

If any of this sounds reasonable let me know and I’ll figure out costs so we can put it to a vote. I’ll also take lead in getting the tables built.


Thanks for all your work! Great to see things coming online.
Some of this may be covered by the warden budget or even the move budget.

I personally I have the Forrest woodworker II blade at home and that thing is awesome but it’s a bit expensive.

Stay safe & Healthy.


Yeah Forrest is great. I have, or had depending on how they survived 4 years of storage, a couple.


Thanks so much for taking the initiative! Somewhere I have a list of what saw blades I had planned to put up for vote, I agree we need nicer ones. two each of a good rip, combination, and plywood blade would be great, so we can get them sharpened and still have a full set. I’d also been looking at getting a single plastics blade, laminate blade, and non-ferrous metal blade. If I find the list I’ll send it to you.