T-Shirt Stock

I inventoried the black T-Shirts with 3 silc screens (front/back logo and CC license on bottom side) that I have.

These shirts are $20 if anyone is interested. Stock numbers below:

4 Smalls
13 Mediums
6 Larges
1 2XL

Let me know if you want one and what size and I’ll bring the box of them next Tuesday. I purchased these myself for an open house a few years back. If you want to reserve a shirt by paying early we can do paypal or bitcoin (or if I see you between now and then cash)

Also keep in mind if you want to hold out for someone else to make shirts they will most likely be cheaper than $20 because they will most likely only be 2 screens or something else. However if you want on of the originals I have some.

I’ll probably set these up on the store after I ensure the members get theirs first.


I’ll take the 2XL, Craig. Can I paypal you at this email address?

Ian Mathews

It’s a different email. craig@academicunderground.org

Fyi, before anyone sends money to the paypal please verify with me that I still have the sizes before sending money. Current stock:

4 Smalls
13 Mediums
6 Larges

I'll take a large.